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Amorphous silicon thin film solar cell module packaging equipment news title

2017-04-18 views:18628

China JingJiWang Shanghai on April 20 (reporter zhi-guo li) by the Asian photovoltaic industry association (APVIA), Shanghai new energy industry association (SNEIA) hosted by the \"SNEC 11th (2017) international solar industry and pv engineering (Shanghai) exhibition and BBS\" opens today in Shanghai, the exhibition for three days.

Learned, SNEC pv expo exhibition of photovoltaic (pv) is a global scale, specialization, photovoltaic production equipment, materials, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic application products and components, photovoltaic engineering and system, and covers the photovoltaic industry chain of each link. The exhibition scale more than 160000 square meters, more than 1600 exhibitors. Nanjing CLP, newsletter, shark, Manz, surname, such as well-known at home and abroad to compete. Reporter saw in heraeus's booth, the heraeus's launch five new metallization paste products, support two printing, N type batteries, black silicon, no net knot otter and the PERC battery (passivated emitter and back local contact battery) and so on new battery technology. In addition, also including the diffusion process consulting services and 2 of paragraph 1 new product production process, proliferation coating HeraGlaze crucible impurities? As well as the infrared transmitter. The product is presented for the concentrated heraeus's photovoltaic (pv), one of the biggest in the history. New product launch marked the heraeus's pv on the photovoltaic industry value chain to further expand, heraeus's pv President Li Haide (Andreas Liebheit) said: \"all we launched new products and services have a common goal, namely, improve customer in the overall efficiency of photovoltaic cells and the production process. Heraeus's convinced that by enhancing efficiency and renewable energy costs can be further reduced by 50% over the next five years; among them, we hope that our products and services to provide a third of the contribution rate to achieve the goal of this.\" During the exhibition, heraeus's pv will hold a series of rich and colorful activities, including customer appreciation party celebration (19), booth (April 20) and the technology of speech in both English and Chinese, also includes \"super hero\" renewable energy activities such as road and VR gaming experience.

The reporter understands, the exhibition held a three-day SNEC pv BBS and \"SNEC (2017) international solar energy and green building applications (Shanghai) exhibition and BBS\" and \"SNEC (2017) international smart grid and energy storage technologies and equipment (Shanghai) exhibition and BBS\". For the industry experts and enterprise to set up exchanges and cooperation platform.

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